Our Chocolate

Exceptional Quality

All of our chocolates are made with high quality natural* ingredients and are 100% gluten free.  Yummy, silky smooth goodness with no artificial preservatives or transfats so you can feel good about your indulgence.

*The toffee truffles have the artificial ingredient vanillin


Delicious Flavors

Our truffles are made with amazing Belgian milk chocolate and offered in seven delicious flavors.

Almond  Made with natural almond extract and slivered almonds, the almond truffle contrasts the smooth truffle center with almond goodness

Chocolate Sometimes simple is the best.  No flavor added, just the rich creamy experience of unadulterated milk chocolate

Mint  Our most popular truffle, with just the right amount of mint flavor

Orange Made with all natural orange extract for that fruity chocolate lover

Raspberry Made with all natural raspberry extract for that fruity chocolate lover

Toffee Bits of crunchy toffee mixed in the smooth chocolate center make this truffle an instant favorite